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  • Expertised in making clean air Focus on indoor air pollution control for 16 years

Six core products

Specialized in green products

Three engineering service

Provide top service

Combine technology and art perfectly , and improve the life with humanized design

  • Create the service standard for decoration pollution control with 4 technology

    1:Technology for clearing formaldehyde polymerization
    2:Technology of BTEX and VOC rapid
    3:Technology of ionic catalytic purification
    4:Technology of photocatalytic catalytic

  • Public listed company with strong capital and resource advantage

    Founded in September 2001, it is the holding subsidiary of listed company Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry Co., LTD'S (stock code: 002256)

  • Specialized in overall solution for
    indoor air purification

    Self-developed products of household cleaning series, environmental appliances series, auto purification series, daily air purification series, decoration pollution purification

  • Become the industry leader with great achievements

    In the fifteen years, self-developed formaldehyde scavenger, air conditioner cleaner and an air purifier become the model of this industry, also we enjoys excellent reputation

Authority approved

Pay attention to our reputation

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  • Miss Lin

  • Miss Zhao

  • Miss Wang

  • General Lee

  • General Zhang

Expertised in making clean air

To create industry standards

Green Welcome has been developed from the one who is engaged in indoor pollution control products into professionally reputational environmental indoor enterprise, it creates and maintains the leader position of sales and market share in the same industry. [view more]



Green Welcome cooperates with many well-known enterprises

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